Project size Total land area: 67,142 sqm
Gross floor area: 379,467 sqm
Building density: 31%
12 blocks, 33-34 floors each
09 units + 04 lifts per floor
3.175 units total
  • 3.045 apartments (1,2,3 BR)
  • 34 Duplex Villa
  • 96 Penthouse
Apartment area 1BR : 49 sqm
2BR : 71-76-78- 80-81-85 sqm
3BR : 94-95 sqm
Duplex Villa : 129-200 sqm
Penthouse : 107-151 sqm
Curent construction Under Piling construction
Execution S&P contract agreement Quarter IV/2018 (estimated)
Legal Ownership Freehold status for Vietnames.
50 years hold and extendable for Eiigible Foreiners
Expected handover Quarter III/2020 (estimated)
Launch Event 08 April 2018 (estimated)

  • For first of 04 blocks
Refer price 1.760 usd/sqm

  • Included Government Tax
  • Validity in the first Launch Event only.
  • The price is a subject to change in the next stages and in the next exchange rate.
Investor Consultant (+84) 097.3333.683 (Zalo/Viber/Whatsapp)
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Over a decade of development, Dat Xanh has always adhered to the goal of bringing.




Dat Xanh has kept strongly developing construction investment activities to quickly become one of the leading real estate developers in Vietnam.

Investment – Finance

Over 14 years of development, Dat Xanh Group has become one of the investors that impress the market with diversified products that satisfy various demand.

Real Estate Services

All solutions Dat Xanh offers are analyzed deeply to solve problems quickly and satisfy the demand of customers.


 Newest & accurately information provided from Investor.
Easily find out a best apartment in client’s demand most.
 Guiding contract & bank loans procedure..
Support sight-seeing Show room of project.
Regularly update all relevant benifit promotion and discount programs 

Hotline: (+84) 097.3333.683
Song hanh street, district 2, Ho Chi Minh city.

 Note: There is no any fees charged under some personal reason. To avoid scaming, please contact us directly for the best support and assistant.


As a leader in Vietnam’s real estate industry, Dat Xanh Group earns the partners’ confidence in our capacities and prestige. Aiming at diverse disciplines, diverse possessions and diverse nations, Dat Xanh always desires to connect and affiliate with every partner that has similar tactics on the basis of sustainable and progressive cooperation.

Dat Xanh Group has been a trusted partner of many local and international companies and leading groups from various industries; for instance, real estate investors, financial institutions, builders, service enterprises, building material companies, management businesses and technology corporations …


For further inquiry of Gem Riverside, please feel free to ring Dat Xanh group hotline a call or drop a line in our registration form. You will be responded shortly.

Best deal from Developer as always. Contact DXG for the best assistant and support.


27 Dinh Bo Linh, W.24, Binh Thanh D.2, HCMC
Contact: (+84) 097.3333.683


Nguyen Duy Trinh, D.2, HCMC
 Hotline: (+84) 0966.844.133

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